Who Are We?

You can find John Dorn at the University at Albany studying journalism. Between semesters, he lives on Long Island and watches all of the sports. When he’s not eating or sleeping (rare), he’s usually writing about the sports.

James Stumper majors in journalism & media studies at Rutgers University, and he loves sports, too. Unfortunately, they don’t always love him back. Warning: Lame puns ahead.

We started this whole thing up in 2010, and moved here in ’11. Here you’ll find our sometimes harsh, usually critical, and always passionate takes on sports happenings around the Big Apple. We’ll be the first to admit to our slants across the major sports (Knicks, Mets, and Isles, with the the NFL clubs represented evenly), so it’d be a lie to say those teams won’t be under our microscope a little more often. If you’re cool with that, you’re cool with us. But we tend to stay fairly well-rounded.


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