New York Rangers: Season in Review

With only a minute gone by in overtime and the puck loose in front, it was apparent the blue-shirts were in trouble. Seconds later, Adam Henrique swooped in behind Lundqvist to tap the loose puck into the open net to end the Rangers dream of being Stanley Cup champions. With Devils now on the brink of being swept by the Los Angeles Kings in the finals, Rangers fans can’t help but think, it should’ve been us. But the Rangers were not going to be handed a spot against the Kings, they had to earn it. The Rangers and head coach John Tortorella could not find enough gas to put in the tank to beat the Devils. However, when asked if playing so many games played a part in their elimination, Tortorella disagreed saying “It has nothing to do with being tired.” But the fact that the Rangers played more games in 3 rounds than any other team cannot be denied. After an entire 82 game season, the few extra games seemed to catch up with the Rangers. The Rangers just squeaked out of a hard fought series with the Senators in 7 games, and against the Capitals it was like a new Rangers team showed up. They lacked the offensive firepower that they showed at times throughout the season and the usually grit and energy was lacking in the series. The Capitals were beating the Rangers are their own game, blocking shots and receiving spectacular play in net by Braden Holtby. While the Rangers were able to grind their way out of the Capitals series, the Devils, while only a 6 seed, presented a much tougher test than the Capitals or the Senators. The Rangers couldn’t pass the test.

While they did manage to win games 1 and 3 easily with the incredible goaltending of Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers were being outplayed in nearly every game and were not playing the style of hockey they played all season. Down by 3 goals early in game 5, the Rangers finally reminded everyone why they were the best team in the east all season. It was almost as if the power was turned on at the end of the first period. The fore checking, hard hitting Rangers showed up for the first time in the series, and powered their way back to a 3 – 3 tie. But there just wasn’t enough electricity to keep them powered, and the Rangers eventually allowed a goal and then an empty netter to seal the deal, leading to their downfall in the next game.

While the Rangers season ended in disappointment, the season was one to be remembered. With the powerhouse Flyers and Penguins in the Atlantic, the Rangers were expected to be a playoff team, but not to compete for the division title. But on the backs of Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers made it an incredible season for their loyal fans, and give them something to look forward to in the future.

The Good

Marian Gaborik in the Regular Season: If the NHL handed out a comeback player of the year award, Gaborik may have very well been the winner. After scoring a mere 22 goals in 62 games in 2010-11, Gaborik led the offense for the Rangers the whole season, scoring 41 goals, good for 3rd in the NHL.

Brad Richards: For once, the Rangers big money free agent acquisition paid off. While his season started off slow, Richards presence could not be denied. Richards was well known as being a mentor to defenseman Michael Del Zotto, helping him through the season. Richards came on strong at the end of the season once united with Gaborik and Hagelin, and was the Rangers best forward through the majority of the playoffs.

The Defense: Backstopped by the Vezina favorite Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers maintained one of the stingiest defenses in the league, giving up a miniscule 2.22 goals per game in a division that included the top 2 scoring teams in the league. Lundqvist was fantastic all year and was always there to save the Rangers during breakdowns. However, these breakdowns were few and far between. The Rangers top four defensemen were arguably the best in the league, led by the top unit of Ryan McDonough and Dan Girardi. But it was not only the defensemen that provided defense, the forwards were shot blocking machines as well. It’s hard to find a more dedicated player in the league than Ryan Callahan, who came up with huge blocked shots seemingly every game. The Rangers established an incredible defensive system that led them to 1st place in the Eastern Conference.

John Tortorella: Yes, he may give the worst interviews in the league, but the Rangers fully bought into Torts’ system. His defensive, shot blocking system was perfectly suited for the hard working Rangers, and it shows by his nomination for the Jack Adams Trophy for the best coach in the NHL.

The Flyers and Winter Classic: Not only did the Rangers beat the Flyers in the highly anticipated Winter Classic, they swept them in the season series.

So many things were good for the Rangers, so you may be asking yourself, well why aren’t they the ones playing for the Stanley Cup? Well, here is why:

The Bad

Where’d you go, Marian?: While Gaborik may have been the Rangers most potent offensive weapon during the regular season, he faded under the bright lights in the playoffs, leaving the Rangers with a less than potent offense. Scoring just 11 points in 20 games, Gaborik could not be relied on to score clutch goals or have 2 goal games to lead the Rangers like he did in the months before. He was even benched multiple times by Tortorella and at one point was delegated to the 4th line.

Brandon Dubinsky: Who led the Rangers in points in 2010 – 11? No, it wasn’t Marian Gaborik. No, it wasn’t Ryan Callahan. It was Brandon Dubinsky. After scoring 24 goals last season, Dubinsky was expected to be a close to 30 goal scorer on the second line. Instead, he scored 10 goals and spent most of his time on the 3rd or 4th line.

The Power Play: Every year it’s the same old story: the New York Rangers power play is downright awful. Ranking 23rd in the league, the Rangers needed something to help solve their 5 on 4 woes, and Brad Richards was not the answer.

The 5th and 6th D-man: McDonough and Girardi were number 1 and 2 in terms of blocked shots in the regular season, Del Zotto re-emerged as one of the best young defensemen in the game, and after Staal returned to form, he was as good as ever. However, that is only 4 defensemen. The Rangers 5th and 6th defensemen was a problem all season and especially in the playoffs. After Michael Sauer went down early in the season with a concussion, the last 2 spots were always a question, rotating between Anton Stralman, Tim Erixon, Stu Bickel, and Steve Eminger. While Stralman settled in late in the season and during the playoffs, Bickel’s play was less than par. Tortorella opted to bench him during most games, leaving the Rangers with 5 defensemen. In the end, this played a significant role in the Rangers downfall as the defense seemed tired against the Devils.

What Now?

After a first place finish in the conference, the Rangers still have to make some moves to make them a Stanley Cup contender yet again. A huge factor in this offseason will be the recent surgery that Marian Gaborik underwent on his right shoulder. Gaborik will be out up to 6th months, a span that will cut into the beginning of next season. Maybe the playoff sensation Chris Kreider can step into his role, but Gaborik leaves a big void. The Rangers would already be looking to acquire a top notch scorer, and this adds to the need for one.  The possibility of a trade for Rick Nash, who was rumored to be coming to New York at the trade deadline, is still a possibility. The Rangers find themselves with $21 million in cap room, but first must resign Michael Del Zotto (RFA), Brandon Prust (UFA), and depending on the status of Sauer come next season possibly Anton Stralman (RFA). Another answer for the Rangers may be in one of the players that eliminated them from the playoffs: Zach Parise. Parise will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and is not a guarantee to stay in New Jersey.

The last defenseman slot also must be addressed. The Rangers could go after a top notch defenseman via trade or free agency such as Ryan Suter or Shea Weber of the Predators. Landing one of these players would not only address the depth issues on defense, but would greatly improve the power play. However, landing one of them would likely take away the possibility of landing a top notch forward. The Rangers could instead dive into a plentiful pool of solid defensemen that are not as pricey to upgrade from Stu Bickel.

After a season full of great moments, The Rangers have most of their pieces in place. Goaltending? Check. 40 goal scorer? Check. Determined Captain? Check. Machine like top 4 defensemen? Check. However, the Rangers seem to just be missing one piece that will keep them going on all cylinders all year. If the Rangers can land either a high scoring winger or defensemen, look for them to be right back at the top of the standings again next year to contend yet again for Lord Stanley’s Cup.


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