1/7: Knicks 103, Pistons 80

Game Notes:

  • Shumpert’s hands are as quick as his feet.
  • Stoudemire’s lack of intensity vs. WAS thankfully didn’t carry over. Used Jason Maxiell as his puppet.
  • Bibby does indeed maintain a heartbeat.
  • TALKING on defense = good defense.
  • Carmelo not near 100%, but booked 13 points.
  • Knicks can compete without Melo doing it all.
  • Knicks pound a bad team without any real competition, something they need to make a habit out of.
  • Pistons really miss the 2000s.
  • Douglas looked less horrible in a bench role.
  • Knicks will win when offense flows.
  • Jeremy Lin still Asian.

If the Knicks lost this game, then there’d be problems. For now, however, things are looking fine. They crushed a bottom-five team which is something the Knicks had issues with last season (loss @ CLE, loss to CLE at the Garden, etc.).

Offense looked good, defense looked good, but not much you can judge off a game against the Pistons, unfortunately. A win in Monday’s rematch vs. Charlotte at MSG would be another good step on the way to becoming a serious contender this season. The Knicks won’t have to face their first real test until a week from today, January 14th when they travel to OKC. Until then, it would be in their best interest to beat bad teams.


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